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Shanghai office:  Rm A-1002, No.269 Hua Yang Road, Shanghai 200042 China
Fax: 86-25-84400862(Nanjing), 86-21-62256329(Shanghai)
Mobile Tel: +86-1390-517-3697, Shanghai: 138-1800-2829


1 Jan,2001

Dear Sirs,

        We are basically a professional exporter in China, with offices at Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Nantong, etc. Besides the export of our own production items in minerals, textiles and toys, we are also professionally holding the export of products from China( 15 years export experience), and helping Chinese producers developing international market, helping them make their products and service acceptable to overseas customers.

        Meanwhile , we register our company at Shanghai Free Trade Zone as a foreign invested company, holding the import and bonded business, acting as representatives, agents for our overseas partners in developing China market. We have 1000M2 rented warehouse at Shanghai.

        For the items that we are not experienced in , we are offering our business contact service, helping overseas suppliers to establish direct contact with other importers, distributors and wholesalers. We name this activity as " Business Contact Service", with the initial expenses paid by customers, and for future regular contact , we can do on commision base.

        Welcome your contact!

        Enclosure: Introduction of our G. Manager

        Enclosure: We are now offering China market - Guangzhou local service

        Enclosure: How a foreign company any correctly utilze the expo in China
                        and find their customers fruitfully

        Enclosure: We are helping to promote talc into China and Asia market

        Enclosure: We help composed so many disputes in Chinese International Trading

John Chan


Master of Economics on International Trading

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