We help composed so many disputes in Chinese International Trading

23rd Apr£¨2008


As now price for most of the Chinese products are quickly going up, affected by the international stockjobbing market and by the quick devaluation of USD exchange rate here to Chinese currency, more and more foreign Buyers are trying to contact the producers directly here in China, for cheapest price, and a lot of the disputes arised.

Most of the small and medium grade manufacturers here in China are not quite internationally trained, the staff not quite well in English speaking and lack of international experience. Meanwhile, many "Buyers" forget their quality request when they press, press and press the price, they are always requesting CHEAPEST price but when they get the cargo, they are always expecting the BEST quality.

Not only because of the above mentioned, but also since of the different culture, history and habit, there are always many disputes keep arising in the international trading.

We have been nominated by many customers to help compose the international disputes, and by our conciliation, many disputes have been solved, saved their time and expense, avoided their going to arbitration and courts.




John Chan
Golden Resources Ind,China
CNMIA.org, Shanghai