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Golden Resources Charitable Funds

-Two sample stories

- Story one: Child- Tang Ya Ni, born 1991,girl
Mother- Ms Tang Ying Hong, born 1967
Grand Father- Mr.Tang Zhong Yi,.born 1930
- Address : Rm No.201 , Building 21.
Jia Pi Gou, Wu Shan Copper Mine area,Rui Chang city, Jiang Xi Province
- Brief introduction: A winter morning in 1990, a baby girl being seriously ill, was found in a
rubbish box, crying weakly. She has been staying in this box one whole
night- a very cold night. The girl was taken back by a warm-hearted young
lady and one after another, she stayed with more than 8 families, some family
one night, some family around 20 days.

Finally, the baby was transferred to Ms Tang Ying Hong, 23 years old at that
year. Ms Tang and her mother visited all the nearby hospitals to save the baby.
Half year later the baby turn better, and 10 months later she became very well.

Two years later, Ms Tang Ying Hong start to consider her marriage and plan to
send the girl to other family, as she start call Ying Hong as mother. But Ying
Hong is single.

But the small girl suddenly kneel down in front of her "mother" and her "Grand
mother"and say:"Mother, my blood mother, donot send me to other family",
"Grand mother, from today on I wl be obidient, without making you angry, pls
donot send me out

This is what a 2 and half years girl say, both Tang Ying Hong and her mother
was shocked, and Ying Hong say to the girl:

"Daughter, my daughter, I wl act as ur own mother fm today on,"and the girl
was given name Tang Ya Ni.

About another one year later, Tang Ying Hong 28 years old ,she is really too
old to get marriage in local area, and one educated family plan to adopt little
Tang Ya Ni, who is now 3 and half years old, but at that family in Hu Nan
province, she say to her grand father and grandmother:"I wl go back by myself,
I can go to Nan Chang by train, and fm Nanchang to RuiChang city by another
train, and by farmers truck I can reach Wu Shan Copper Mine, I wl look for Rm
No.201, Building 21, Jia Pi Gou, I know grandfather's name Tang Zhong Yi,
Grand mother's name Li Ying Xiu, Mother's name Tang Ying Hong."

Her grandmother asks her:"How you can go without adult?"

Ya Ni says:"I wl find police, they are kind people and wl send me!"

This is what a 3 and half years girl say, and Tang Ying Hong determined again
not to consider her marriage but foster this baby.

- Remarks: Above story was reported by GUANGZHOU EVENING NEWS dated 9 Oct.1997.We first see the report on NEWSPAPER DIGEST 16 Oct ,97.
- Newest information: Tang Ya Ni, now entered local primary school(1997.9)

Tang Ying Hong, still single, she was found with heavy arthritis in 1994.

Tang Zhong Yi, 70 years old in 1998,looking for extra work to support the family.


- Golden Resources activity:
97.10.16 We send out our letter to Tang Ying Hong, showing our idea of support;
97.10.25 Tang Ying Hong reply, gv more details of the story;
97.11.10 Tang Zhong Yi give us letter cofirming receipt of our initial support;

And now we keep regular contact with this family, and decide to support this
family long term and help Tang Ya Ni finish her education as possible as she can.

Newest letter fm this family:98.1.29 , 98.2.18 , 98.3.10 & Tang Ya Ni starts
write letter to us.

- Story two: Mdm Yao Guang Yun, 54 years (1997)
- Address: Da Wan Villiage, Cheng Guan Town,Sheng Zhou city,Zhe Jiang Province
- Zip: 312400
- Brief introduction: SHAOXING EVENING NEWS 12 March,1997 reports;

10 years ago, a three-months-old girl named Xie Xi Jun was announced by
doctor that not able to grow up, she was forsaken and finally entered Mdm Yao
Guand Yun's family, from that time on, Mdm Yao accepted one and another
forsaken child and now totally 80 children.

The report says, The reporter himself see Xie Xi Jun, who is now 10 years old,
a thin girl with two hands in deformity, holding an illustrated children
newspaper, backing her"mother", she is now a primary pupil.

When Xie Xi Jun enter this family, she was so thin that her thigh in same size
with her shank, and her arm thickness just like an adult's thumb. For the ten
years Mdm Yao's whole family tried all their best in saving her life and
stengthening her body.

Mdm Yao's house is backing a mountain, where it is still poor. And during the
10 years there are 80 chidlren get mother's love and family happiness fm Mdm
Yao and her family. Some chidlren stay several months and adopted by other
family, some children stay 1 or 2 years ,they are all disable, but Xie Xi Jun stay
with them all these 10 years.

One year an adopted lame girl was returned back, when the civil administration
asked for Mdm Yao's opinion, she say:"Is there a mother refuse her daughter

Mdm Yo Guang Yun and her family, incl. her husband, her daughter and son,
they are a great family.

- Newest information: *. Now there are 4 disable children stay at Mdm Yao's family one 10 years, one 7 years,one 3 years ,one 1 year,(97.12)

*. Mdm Yao confirm duly receipt of our again remittance on 19 Mar, 98. Mdm
Yao gv us letter on 25 Mar,98 that she contracted a piece of field to plant fruit
trees, and plan to build up some extra houses as chicken farm, to improve the
orphans lives and support their education.

*. The orphans stay with Mdm Yao's grandson and granddaughter ,and they often fight with each other. (98.3.25)

*. Mdm Yao is preparing to perform an operation for Xie Xi Jun, who is 10
years now.(98.3.25)

- Golden Resources activity:
97.3.27 We send our letter to Mdm Yao to show our respect and give the information
of our willing to support them;
97.4.03 We get reply fm Mdm Yao about more details introduction;
97.4.30 We get confirmation fm Mdm Yao of their duly receipt of our mailed money, and Xie Xi Jun writes a letter to us using her left hand.
97.5.13 We get letter fm the Civil Administration of Sheng Zhou city ,who issues a
Certificate of Honour to us.
And now we keep regular contact with Mdm Yao, and decided to support them long term.


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