We are supplying glaze grade Kaolin clay with specification below:

19 Mar, 2005


  -2um           45-50%
Whiteness (GE)     85-86%
SiO2         47.5-48.5%
Al2O3           36-37%
Fe2O3        0.65-0.75%
LOI            12-13%


Size: In small grain lumps or in powder.

Above specification adjustable and other grades available.

p.s. Low Fe2O3 Kaolin for Glass Fibre industry

p.s. Granular calcined kaolin is now available from us

p.s. We are working on -2um 96% - 98% Kaolin clay

p.s. Calcined Kaolin clay, we are doing the oil absorption at 85 - 90


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