18 Sept 2008


This year thanks to Mr. Anker Hung, president of Winko International,Taiwan and Winko Investment,Australia , who joined us recently and paid for 3 students' one year fee respectively. Some students information as below:

1. Origin: Zhejiang Shengzhou
  Name: Zhang q.j.
  Age: 18

She is an disabled and forsaked girl and a family accepted her, we have already given support for about 10 years,and she is now in a computer technic school, grade 3, one year left to finish. She is now worrying about her future job.

But her "parents" is now too old, we need to support her for the one year school fee about 5000 yuan, and monthly fee about 500 yuan. Total about 10,000 yuan. We were keeping her waiting this August as we also had to care some other more ungent cases.

2. Origin: Jiangsu Hai'an
  Name: Fan Y.Y.
  Age: 15

She is now in the county middle school, now entering grade 2. Her father last year was injured in the work,and her monther's salary is less than 1000 yuan per month.

Her school fee is 15000 yuan per year, plus monthly personal expense. She may have to change a school when entering high school, as now her school is the locally best and famous HAI AN MIDDLE SCHOOL,but now her family cannot afford her fully.

3. Origin: Jiangxi Nanchang
  Name: Chen Gg
  Age: 20

He is now entering grade 2 of Jiangxi Finance University, he can get bank loan 6000 yuan per year , but his total fee is around 15000 yearly for university and 800~1000 yuan per month for himself,

We need to support him as a free-interest loan.

4. Tang Y. n.,
  Origin: Jiangxi Ruichang
  Age: 18

She is a forsaked girl and her "mother" accepted her before marriage, when the daughter was only several months old, and since then her mother never marrage. Her monther does not have fixed work, and the family grand father and monther is now too old, we already helped them about 12 years.

She is now in a technic school,

Above students No.1 & 4, we originally knew them from the newspaper story, and we saw them personally several times.


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