By John chan
20 Jan,2009


I once worked in Frankfurt a short time as a China impport/export company representative office in 1989 on Metal and Minerals, and have travelled upto today nearly to about 30 countries and regions, 50 countries/times, so I generally can understand Germany and Europe, and also other different countries.

In China, the most important and biggest expo, for many years, has been belong to GUANGZHOU IMP/EXP FAIR, but even there, if a foreign company try to find a translator, or a Chinese company there to hire a student help translation, as the temporary staff 99% does not have experience in the industry and products, so he/she cannot help much to make the discussion enter into deep and detail talk, we cannot expect the talk to enter into "order" step so quickly.

Moreover, an expo site is mostly only a place to have initial and brief acquaintance, if the potential customer not know the exhibitor before, and only a first time meeting, it is not a place to undertand the exhibitor well and fully, and we cannot expect that through this expo, you will immediately get the order.

Actually, when a visitor enter the expo hall, in front of him, for the same item, mostly there are several different choices, it is a place for him to compare the general data and price level, and he may only collect the catalogue, has a brief exchange, and leave there soon. This is the normal exhibition here in China at present, but far way from what we exhibitors expect.

What we can do:

1. We are now the internet media on industrial minerals in China (, but our company ( not limited to minerals only,we are helping in some minerals equipment, and other projects, so, before the expo, the exhibitor can publish your interest and aim, and new product information, and or your flash point especially your products superiority, through a regular web, publication and newspapers,but in the local language, to let the readers and public, especially potential customers, know it well before the expo,

2. We are in position to help the exhibitors to establish regular contact and discussion before the expo, we are both producer and also trading company, and know that discussion deep into the details, is the base of possible business,

3. To make the expo, from the initial acquaintance site, through the much longer time communication and regular dicussion before the expo, to be the fruitful and exciting and celebrational place.


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