Chinese Wollastonite Price Is Increasing

    Reported by Zheng Huirong: The reporter has been informed from the recent China Non-Metallic Mineral Industry Association, Wollastonite Committee¡¯s conference that people in the industry unanimously agreed on increasing the price of Wollastonite products. Affected by the price increase of production materials and freight, producing cost of Wollastontie products is rising which put a lot of enterprises out of business. During the meeting, delegates from Jilin, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Hubei and Zhejiang gave detailed information respectively on the local markets and production planning/ operation, research and development, flume utilization of wollastonite products, various topics have been brought to the discussion table, as how to explore and utilize resources properly, how to improve the capacity of industrial products development and production, how to improve the quality and additional value on products. 

    Chief director of China Non-Metallic Mineral Industry Association, Wollastonite committee Mr.   Zhang  gave an analysis on the challenges and opportunities in the industry, giving great emphasis on the importance of sharing information in the industry and enhancing comprehensive mineral products utilization, he also announced the major schedule for this year at the meeting. According to M.X. Zhang, the market for wollastonite products is quite promising because of the restriction on using asbestos and replacing asbestos by wollastonite, and the fast growth in metallurgic industry. Currently, demand on high quality wollastonite is increasing in the international market, especially on those products with less loss on ignition and low iron. Meanwhile, there is a great potential in the domestic market too. Demand on pottery body, metallurgic fire resistan wollastonite is rising, the application field is expanding. Opportunities always come with challenges. The new export tax-return policy makes 10% decrease on the business profit; the price increase on gas and electricity, especially on freight, all these make export harder, for example, the freight for export to Europe has been increased from 65 dollars to 100 dollars.U.S.each metric ton. Needle shaped wollastonite resources are decreasing, the golden time has already been passed, so proper exploration and comprehensive utilization has become the first priority in the industry. He brought delegates¡¯ attention to taking the chance, optimizing production structure, improving quality, stopping low price competition, increasing awareness of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization.