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1st Aug, 2003


     Tears coming to my eyes when I was looking over today¡¯s paper (Though I am not an easy-crying man). The first of August ¡°Newspaper Digest¡± reprinted an article from ¡°Chinese Women¡±( 26th of July) with the heading ¡° Why it¡¯s so difficult for me to go to college?¡± The story is about a high school graduate in Yulin, Shanxi province, who achieved high score of 533 in the national university entrance exam and has been admitted by North-east Normal University, but his father Jing Tongshi became extremely worried after knowing that the minimum tuition fee would be high as 10,000RMB, finally he committed suicide by taking poison in his house on Jul.14. 

     I own a not-big company (GOLDEN RESOURCES INDUSTRIES, -- ), currently I also act as chief editor for China Non-Metallic Minerals Industry Association web site ( On the very first day when I started my own business, I set up a Charity Fund by taking off 10% profit from the business to provide assistances to the elderly person of no family and poverty-stricken students. After all, my ability to help can only satisfy a small part of the needy, I am not that rich and powerful person, my business is not that big, so as the profit, my assistance compared with the actually needed, is but a drop in the ocean. In the past several years, besides providing non-reimbursable aids to the needy, we¡¯ve also provided sponsorship to those who have been selected against certain criteria. 

But, today, I changed my mind, I am willing to take off all my profit of the year to set up a ¡°College Aid Fund for Poverty-stricken Students¡±, I am willing to give up my plan on ¡°expanded reproduction¡±, in stead, I will provide this assistance to students from the poverty-stricken region all over the country. What the current fact is, many parents borrow loans on a high interest to finance their kids¡¯ education at college, what we would do is, we would provide interest-free loan, in this way, the Fund can provide assistances to more new students through its closed-operation after five to eight years period, and there is more, the Fund itself can survive in the whole process.  

We need to work on the details as to how the Fund will work, it takes time to bring the plan to completion. We would watch out in order to avoid loopholes on the operation. For parents working in our industry, if any of you come across such financial difficulties to send your kids to college, we will provide transportation fee, also, we will contact the college and provide financial guarantee, we can even send tuition fee to the school.  

I have made up my mind that I will not work anymore for anybody as employee, including foreign-funded enterprises( because I don¡¯t want people bossing around me). Now, I decided to take all my profit of my company and the web site to set up such a Fund, to help more poverty-stricken students. And for this purpose, I am willing to work for others all my life.

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