Calcined Kaolin clay, we are doing the oil absorption at 85 - 90

4th Apr, 2007


  Some customers contact us, requesting that whether we can help increase the oil absorption rate on Chinese calcined kaolin.

  We are now doing it with below analysis:

  Calcined Kaolin, Golden Resources Brand,
  -2um       88-90-92%
  Whiteness    88-92
  Oil absorption  70, 80, 85-90

  We are ready to further improve the grade according to customers' enduse request.

  我们愉快地宣布, 煅烧高岭土,中国产品, 在吸油率方面, 我们已经成功突破了目前中国产品 65的最高值, 达到了 85-90 的水平。


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