SARS will be gone eventually, no matter how great the price we may pay for thisin the very end people will be able to conquer the natural disasters, and learn how to adjust our activities in order to coordinate growth with the planet we are in.  

After the disaster (even at this critical moment), we still should think of how to develop ourselves, how to make contribution to our trade. It is true that some of the businesses in our trade have been quite successful; some of them even go far not only in ideas but also in actions than people from the association or foreign-orientated business do. However, as the old saying goes: Spring doesnt come with one branch of the tree particularly thriving, rare things wont get anywhere, what we pursue is the integrated development in our trade, to reduce the trade difference between us and that of the developed countries, thus to improve the levels in this trade as a whole. Everybody in this trade wants to survive and develop. 

In view of this, CNMIA Internation Division is now fermenting its next three to five years plan based on the completion of its visiting major markets all over the world, advertising China non-metallic minerals plan, the new fermented plan includes a series of activities with a focus on service across the whole country. 

The activities will investigate all the non-metallic minerals which so far have not taken a certain importance either inside the trade or in exportation. What we want to find is where the trouble lies so that we can help them to make a right market development plan. 

We will make every effort to visit as many places as we can, the visit will include every province, most of the cities, as many as the small towns as possible. We encourage people from geologic minerals department in different places to contact us. We are going to visit as many mines and processing plants as possible, and also to look for suitable business representatives in each region. 

For those minerals distributed a couple of mines all over the country, we take our priority to those mines which has advantages in mineral purity, quality, performance, processing as well as in transportation and price. 

For those successful businesses in our trade, we are glad to introduce them on CNMIAs web site (www.chinaim.com) and release member newsletter for free. We even can put those introductions on our English web site to advertise to the whole world. 

The visiting group includes people from the CNMIA international office and business representatives from each region, all the expenses will be on Golden Resources Industries (www.goldenresources.com), we welcome donations from all sources who think our service would benefit the businesses in this industry, but we must follow the accounting procedures, people in this visiting group are not allowed to claim any expense from the local enterprises. ( we will set up our monitoring call: Mr. John Chan - 13905173697, mail box call 021-62256627, fax: 021-62256329). Transportation, room and board conveniency provided by local enterprises are allowed. John Chan himself, the chief director from CNMIA international office will do his best to take part in most visit to the major mines. 

Anyone who is interested in our visit and our ideas, is welcome to contact us, --individuals, mineral administration offices and local governments.  




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