2006 China Non-metallic Minerals Conference --
Purchase & sales seminar --
Inviting your opinion and papers

25 Jan, 2006


Organized by:
China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association-International division & Web office www.chinaim.com, www.chinaim.com.cn

We are now planning the 2006 China non-metallic minerals conference, which now plan to be held on Apr 28, or 6 June 2006, at Shanghai, China. We are now sending the ASKING FOR OPINION and PAPERS to thousands of Chinese non-metallic mineral companies and we believe several hundred non-metallic minerals product suppliers and buyers from all over China will come to this meeting.

It is a great opportunity for overseas companies to get to know contacts in the industry. Those who are interested in developing Chinese markets in the non-metallic minerals product industry will find this conference an excellent platform to start their exploration of the huge Chinese market as well as one more good channel to improve their existing operations in China.

The conference will invite industry experts from China and overseas to give speeches on various topics from supply, marketing, purchase, and production etc.

Considering the fact that there will be some overseas customers and Foreign invested Chinese companies coming, we will prepare qualified simultaneous and on-the-spot translation service for the participating foreigners, with the translator to be with enough experience in minerals and international trading.

The conference will provide travel and accommodation service. Those who need to book flights, hotels, car rentals, local guides and business direct talks etc., please contact our registration office in Shanghai, China.

You may register by mailing to:
CNMIA Shanghai,
Flat A-1002, No.269 Hua Yang Road, Shanghai. Zip 200042, China
Fax. 86-21-6225-6329 .
Email: johnchancnmia@hotmail.com,

For more information, please contact Mr. John Chan:
Mob. +86-1390-517-3697,
Shanghai: 138-1800-2829, 021-6225-6627

Below please find our invitation for your opinion and papers:

[ ]1. The registration fee be ( )USD400 with papers in Chinese, but we arrange oral translation in the conference, or ( ) another USD400 for all conference papers in English printing, both above excluding hotel accommodation.

The time of the conference you prefer ( )28th Apr, or ( )6th June.

[ ]2. The main topic in this conference will be purchase and sales of non-metallic minerals, your papers are welcome, and all confirmed speakers will be free of registration fee, but for commercial advertisement papers, we will charge some fees or accept contribution,

[ ]3. Advertisement in the conference paper book is now under acceptance,

[ ]4. The conference address book can arrange each one line of small advertisement, to make your interest or inquiry known to all attendees, ( )we charge USD100 each, ( )if you do not allow us to show your contact details in the address book, please specify here, ( )if you hope us indicate your hotel information during the conference, please indicate here _______________.

[ ]5. We are considering to arrange ( ) a conference table for simple exhibition at USD200.- for registered conference attendees, which will be open to all un-registered visitors, or, ( )a formal international exhibition with regular standard 3x3M2 booth each USD1000.

There will be several international exhibitions in the 1st half of 2006 at Shanghai, which is concerned with minerals and processing, and we are considering to combine with them so that all exhibitors have more visitors,

[ ]6. If you need us help book the hotel, pls specify: ( ) hotel near the conference and exhibition, ( ) 4 star, ( )5 star, ( )together with the conference group, for ( )nights, and your deposit amount ____________ to be remitted in advance with above.

[ ]7. If you need us book flights or train tickets, please specify details together with your deposit amount:


[ ]8. All registered members will have a short time for free question and discussion, but if you have a specified topic that hope we arrange in the conference, please indicate here:



[ ]9. If you want to find more chances to look for partners or customers in China out of the conference time, you can choose: ( ) To publicise your inquiry or information in the CNMIA web (www.chinaim.com, www.chinaim.com.cn),we charge year member fee USD300.- ( ) To arrange year advertisement in the CNMIA web, to let all readers more easily find it, ( ) To nominate CNMIA international division work for you, looking for suitable partners or customers,

[ ]10. We are now looking for contributors, co-operators and sponsorship to this conference and exhibition, if you have the interest, please contact us,

[ ]11. In our CHINA NON-METALLIC MINERALS IND ASSOCIATION Web, we have a special column of charitable funds, and for more than 9 years, we help many poor students and needy people, even include many foreigners who meet difficulties in China or in their life. Now there are many applicants to our charitable funds, waiting for our support, and we need more people join us help them. We can open to each contributor his beneficiary contact details and amount he(she) get. Please join us help them if you can and like:


[ ]12. If you have any other idea or request or suggestions, please let us know.



According to the Chinese regulations, all national associations are not allowed to have 2nd account outside Beijing, but we CNMIA Int'l div and web office is at Shanghai, please remit to:

  A/C. 3823 7608 091014

  A/C. 4031 501-0188-036 667-9