Re: CAF Sheet cut size 70cm width x 1.8/1.9/2.0/3.8m length

5th Dec, 2009



Dear friends,

We need to produce TOMBO-1985 grade CAF SHEET,or non-asbestos grade CAF Sheet, black color,

Our ready customer is requesting 3mm thickness, we are looking for other customers who can accept cutted size of :


70cm x 1.8m,

70cm x 1.9m,

70cm x 2.0m,

70cm x 3.8m,


If you can accept the above sizes, please contact us duly, we are regularly supplying sizes of 1.27x1.27M, 1.5x1.5M, 1.5x2.0M, one customer is requesting 2x2M from us.





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